How To (Hopefully) Fix The Infamous Wi-Fi Issue!

By David Gonzalez

As we all know at Ocoee High School, the wi-fi issue has been affecting a ton of students computers right now, even across the district. Here are a few tips to fix this issue, now this might not always fix the issue, but it’s still worth a try. If your laptop has this issue or any other issue and these tips don’t help, make sure to come down to the library to get your laptop fixed to continue your school work.

1. Connect to OCPS Mobile. A quick and easy way to solve this issue is to use the other wi-fi service we have. Remember the password is always “ocpsmeanssuccess”.

2. Restarting your laptop, another quick way to fix the wi-fi issue!

3. Use an ethernet cable at school, ethernet cables allow students to directly connect to our OCPS network. Make sure to ask your teacher if you can use their ethernet port in class.

4. Using an ethernet cable to use the “studentid” technique! When you plug your ethernet cable to a port and to your laptop, try logging off of your main account and signing into the studentid account. The username and password are both “studentid.” When you log on to the studentid account make sure to enter in your credentials to make sure you have reset your password, this could fix the issue.

Hopefully these tips help you out Knights!

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