Touch Screen Issue

By Carmen Greer

Fellow students and teacher facility, if you’re looking for how to fix touch screen problems in class or at home before coming down to see one of Ocoee’s very own iKnights in the media center, you’ve clicked on the right page.

If you’re having touch screen issues, connect your laptop to power and the very first things you should always do is called a “Hard Restart” to your laptop. Do this by holding down the power button to either the left or right side of your laptop.( HP- top left ,Dells- bottom right , and Lenovos- bottom right). Leave turned off for about 30-60 seconds, then power it back on. Restarting your laptop will help prevent the systems’ processors from becoming overloaded and provide them with ample time to recharge. This also helps the computer’s performance, stops memory leaks, fix internet connection, and bugs fixes.

If its helps click the “Table Mode” In your computer’s notifications center off to on and back off just to see if that helps, but always make sure your laptop is NOT in “Tablet Mode”. You will find this by clicking a box icon to bottom right of your screen. This gives your access to your computer’s notification screen (Click on start screen to see images)

start screen

If your touch screen still doesn’t work then please ask your teacher for a pass down to the media center to help. The next steps for us to take to fix your device is to input passwords that students aren’t allowed to have. Teachers please DON’T send student to the media center the last 10 minutes of class to be helped. Students WILL NOT be seen. They will have to return the following day to be helped.

Other Recommendations

Restart your computer each morning

Put your laptop to sleep when transitioning in between classes

Brightness on 50 %

Make sure to have too many tabs running all at once.


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